How does a group of caring individuals combine their love for children and the importance of early childhood education?
They create an organization called the Project for Advancement of Childhood Education (Canada), or simply P.A.C.E. (Canada).
P.A.C.E. is involved in a number of programs, in Jamaica and Canada, which enhance the overall development of young children at the critical age of 3-6 years. The organization does not receive any government funding so it is only generosity of individuals that P.A.C.E. can continue to provide these vital programs.

Join the hundreds of caring individuals who help to provide brighter futures for thousands of little girls and boys through early childhood education. All donations are to P.A.C.E. (Canada) and Tax Receipts are provided in February of the following year..

The primary way in which funds are used is for our members to Adopt a Kindergarten School in Jamaica for students aged 3 to 6 years old. All of those funds are sent directly to the school. In order to cover the costs of managing and distributing those funds we ask the sponsors of the schools to donate a separate membership fee. We offer 3 membership categories (Individual, Family, and Student).

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