Dr.Mavis E. Burke, O. Ont., O.D.

Dr. Pamela Appelt O.D.
Paul Barnett
Dr. Rita Cox O.C.
Kamala-Jean Gopie
Denham Jolly
Lorna King
Delores Lawrence
Dr. Ralph Masii

Honourary Members
Sharon Miller, High Commissioner for Jamaica to Canada
Lincoln Downer, Consul General of Jamaica at Toronto

Life Members
Enid Akhtar
Ken Bowen
Thelma Carey-Thompson
Dr. Vincent Conville
Dorothy Cooke
Marblet James
Lillie Johnson
Delrine Jones
Ron King
Loretta Spencer
Gifford Walker
Sharon Wynter-Bowen

30th Anniversary Patrons
Dr. Mavis E. Burke O. Ont., O.D.
Dr. Pamela Appelt O.D
Diana Burke
Olivia Chow
Carol Comissiong
Kamala-Jean Gopie O.Ont.
Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation
Ron King
Delores Lawrence O.Ont.
Don Levy
Dr. Edith Lorimer
Michael Lorimer
Dr. Ralph Masi/ Masi Foundation
David & Barbara Taylor
Raphaelita Walker
Dr. Sharon Whiting- Burrowes

30th Anniversary Ambassadors
Sharon Barnett
Dr. Rita Cox O.C.
Edward Hanna
Robert Henderson
Denham Jolly
Kazembe Law

Past Presidents
1987 – 1990  Dr. Mavis E. Burke O. Ont., O.D. (Founder)
1990 – 1991  Hilret Cato
1991 – 1993  Dr. Sybil Wilson
1993 – 1995  Barbara Theobalds-Taylor
1995 – 1997  Dr. Gloria V. Burke
1997 – 1999  Norma Fernandez
1999 – 2002  Delrine Jones
2002 – 2006  Diana R. Burke
2006 – 2010  Lorna King O.D.
2010 – 2014  Mary Anne Chambers O.Ont.
2014 – 2019  Sandra Whiting

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