PACE President’s Message – Spring 2022

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Published: March 2022

Dear Members, Supporters, Partners and Friends;

Just when we were being hopeful that the impact of the pandemic has lessened and we would have a ‘more normal’ Spring and Summer, a war broke out between Russia and the Ukraine that has major implications for Canada and the Western world. Let’s hope and pray that it does not become catastrophic.

We have already seen the economic impact through the increase in the price of gas and food and expect many more industries will be affected by sanctions and import/export controls. These impacts are global and Jamaica will certainly feel the pain too.

In these difficult times, the support provided by PACE Canada is more critical to the over 300 kindergarten schools and 15,000 students who benefit from our funding and other contributions to their education. Finally, most of the over 2,300 kindergarten schools across the island are now open for in class instructions which is very important for the children’s education and future.

This year will be Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of independence and PACE is working with the committee here in Toronto, chaired by our Jamaica Consul General, to celebrate this important milestone and send wishes from our schools, members and supporters. It’s a great time to reflect on what’s changed over these years and to be proud of our home and native land. So start thinking about what has made “Jamaica Strong” as PACE will be contacting you shortly to tell us your stories.

Enjoy the latest edition of our newsletter, and stay tuned for updates on our Annual General Meeting and Annual Renewals.

I hope that we will all stay healthy and safe as the world reshapes to a more united, democratic and just society for all. Thank you for your continued support in Helping Young Children Succeed through the efforts of PACE Canada and our partners and community.

Let’s stay hopeful,

Diana Burke,

President P.A.C.E. (Canada)

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