Basic Schools Across Jamaica

Parishes in Jamaica

During the past 30+ PACE Canada has adopted close to 400 schools in Jamaica, and provided funding to schools in Canada. We encourage you to join us by adopting a school or renewing your existing sponsorship.

In order to assist you in selecting a school, the map of Jamaica shows the various Parishes and the table below provides a list of the schools and the town in which they are located.

Working with the Early Childhood Commission (ECC) in Jamaica we have identified a number of schools that are in more urgent need of assistance and have listed those as “recommended”.

Review the list of schools and then click the links provided to adopt your selected school.

Parish # of Schools # Adopted # Recommended
Clarendon 187 19
Hanover 60 21 1
Kingston 73 29 1
Manchester 129 26 1
Portland 69 25
St. Andrew 278 40 2
St. Ann 126 43
St. Catherine 315 34
St. Elizabeth 143 29
St. James 111 35 2
St.Mary 104 28
St. Thomas 86 15
Trelawney 60 14 4
Westmoreland 109 33
1850 391 11
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