Shannon GreenCommunications (Executive Committee)
    Shannon Green was born and raised in Canada and has always felt a special connection to her heritage; being born to Jamaican immigrants. The disciplined, island upbringing has led Shannon on her pathway to becoming a successful businesswoman, mother, wife and 2021 title holder of Mrs. Universe Jamaica
    Shannon is the founder and CEO of Green Lending Corporation a boutique mortgage brokerage and administration company. She also leads her Lady Entrepreneur initiative with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment to help women reach their maximum potential, especially with their financial and independent goals.
    Her energetic business drive has propelled her to start Caribbean Pageants which will highlight and empower women throughout the Caribbean to share their voice, as she believes everyone has a story to share.
    Shannon has always been passionate about education, self-development and has always sought out a way to enhance her business initiatives. Her educational background stems from a licensed paralegal, an immigration consultant certificate, licensed mortgage broker and most recent endeavour is accounting certification

    In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family, read, travel and fence.

    Shannon will be helping PACE to move forward on new fundraising initiatives.

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