Scarlett Van BerkelCommunications (Executive Committee)

    My academic foundation includes a Bilingual Bachelor of Arts degree in Environment and Health Studies, complemented by my
    ongoing pursuit of a Master’s degree in Social and Ecological Sustainability. I approach my professional endeavors with a
    commitment to inclusivity and intersectionality, fostering a collaborative environment that aligns with the values of P.A.C.E.

    In addition to my professional qualifications, I have a profound personal connection to P.A.C.E. My grand-aunt, Dr. Mavis Burke,
    was the visionary founder of this organization. Growing up witnessing her dedication to community service and social impact
    instilled a deep desire to contribute to this legacy. I am driven by a heartfelt commitment to help spread the reach of P.A.C.E. and
    ensure its continued positive impact on the community.

    Having navigated various roles in policy-oriented, administrative, and customer service capacities, I have developed strong
    interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and situational awareness. My bilingual proficiency in English and French enables me
    to communicate effectively with diverse audiences, facilitating analysis, research, presentations, and project coordination.

    Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a dedication to upholding brand mission and integrity, remaining open to continuous
    learning and feedback. This commitment has allowed me to collaborate effectively within teams and deliver exceptional
    customer service experiences. In roles at Employment and Social Development Canada and the University of Waterloo, I refined
    my organizational, data, and time management competencies, successfully balancing multiple priorities within tight deadlines.

    As a founder at Evergreen Goods, I have enhanced my ability to measure targets and impacts using research and survey methods
    while fostering community and stakeholder engagement for sustainable development goals. My role as a Marketing Specialist for
    the Board of Directors, Governance, and Advocacy Teams with WUSA has further deepened my strategic acumen, while my role
    as a Research Assistant honed my project management and research skills.

    With recent certifications in Research Ethics and Social and Behavioural Research, I bring a heightened level of knowledge and
    expertise to the table. Proficient in Microsoft 365, Google Suite, data privacy policy, web management, AODA, and social media
    utilization, I am well-equipped to navigate the technical aspects of the Co-Chair Communications role. I thrive in fast-paced,
    dynamic environments and have proven my ability to adapt while consistently meeting deadlines. I am confident that my unique
    blend of skills, experiences, and commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the requirements of the Co-Chair
    Communications for Social Media Support position.

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