July 2022
It is with a very heavy heart and a profound sense of loss that I am writing about a very special friend , my mentor, inspiration and wonderful friend Dr. Mavis Burke.
I met Mavis in 1985 when I joined the Ontario Advisory Council on Multiculturalism and Citizenship and she was the chair. I was very impressed by the manner in which she acted and how she effectively and pleasantly controlled the meetings. The Advisory Council was a very crucial need in the eighties. The Council’s recommendations were helpful in giving the directive towards solving these issues as policies were developed and school boards adapted them to combat the racism in schools.Mavis was our Vice President at Women’s Inter Cultural Network and was a great organizer. She and her sister Norma always took charge of the registration desk and kept the flow under control.
In the meetings , she always had constructive suggestions .
She was an intellectual and she shared her wisdom with every one who needed the help. She did this very humbly and gracefully.
Mavis played a very special and a pivotal role in many people’s lives including me by providing help and leadership when needed.
I have very fond memories of her love, caring and
Support . I always loved , how she served the afternoon tea in a very traditional British style .Her actions were always royal.

She will be missed and remembered greatly by me and my family.
It was a great honour to know her closely and spend quality time with her .

May God bless her soul and she rest In Peace.

With a lot of love and gratitude from Muinuddin’s
Best regards,
Talat Muinuddin

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