Vernon Family Visits Mount Olive Basic School in Jamaica

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Visit Mount Olive Basic School- Johns Hall-St. James  Sept 19,2017

In a visit to Jamaica we were given the opportunity to visit for the first time this Early Childhood Basic School that Heather and I  have been sponsoring since 2007.  

My own early childhood was spent in Johns Hall at Worcester, our family home.

We  were overwhelmed by the welcome given by the principal and staff and completely bowled over by the love and affection shown by the 3, 4, & 5 -year- old children, who sang and recited for us.

The pictures and videos tell the story. Links to the videos:

This was an experience of a lifetime and reinforced our commitment to continue support in this vital area in Jamaica`s education. It all starts here with the children.

Our thanks to the Principal Ms. Joan Parkinson , the devoted teachers we met, and of course the children themselves.

Robert & Heather Vernon

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