Special Appeal on Behalf of Early Childhood Institutions

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Member of Parliament for St. Andrew South East, Julian Robinson, is raising concerns about the opening of Early Childhood Institutions come this September. All schools are set to reopen come September 7. However Mr. Robinson believes not all Early Childhood Institutions will be able to reopen due to financial challenges. With the living with COVID-19 experience, schools are forced to adjust their physical operations which may incur additional costs.
“The running expenses have to be covered by the parents who are generally from they lower socioeconomic grouping and in many cases those of us in here would know the many challenges of keeping those institutions open. So my question is what provisions have been made financially, if any, to support the early childhood institutions particularly as they will have to make adjustments to their physical operations”
Mr. Robinson said the institutions are important especially since the work from home order has expired and many parents are returning to the workplace. Therefore he is appealing to the education minister to provide assistance to these institutions.
He was speaking at the recent sitting of the House of Representatives.
“I think there is a real grave danger that many of the basic schools, early childhood institutions, will not be able to to reopen because they simply cannot find the resource is because the government has not provided any tangibles support. So I’m asking the question but making a special appeal because when we are asking persons to go back to work and they depend on these institutions to take care of their kids many will simply fall by the wayside”.

As reported and published by Television Jamaica, Midday News on June 3, 2020

Segment from 1:32 to 3:26

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